Best Press Release Distribution Services in 2023

Best Press Release Distribution Services in 2023

Best press release distribution services. Every business owner, entrepreneur, and organization understands the importance of effective marketing strategies to gain visibility and promote their offerings. When it comes to gaining widespread publicity, few methods are as impactful as utilizing a press release distribution service. Securing a placement on a media platform that reaches millions of viewers can significantly enhance your brand’s exposure. While it is possible to achieve this independently, leveraging the assistance of a reputable distribution service with established connections to major publishers can make the process much smoother. But what exactly is a press release distribution service, and how can you select the ideal one for your needs? In this article, we will delve into these questions and provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Press Release Distribution Service?

A press release distribution service is a platform or service that helps businesses and organizations distribute their press releases to various media outlets, journalists, bloggers, and online platforms. It acts as a bridge between businesses and the media, providing a streamlined process for sharing news, announcements, and updates with a wider audience. By utilizing a press release distribution service, businesses can increase their chances of getting their news published and gaining valuable media coverage, ultimately boosting their brand visibility and reaching a larger target audience.

Types of Press Release Distribution Services

Types of Press Release Distribution Services include:

  1. Newswire Services: Professional platforms that distribute press releases to journalists, media outlets, and industry-specific websites.

  2. Online Distribution Networks: Platforms that distribute press releases to a wide range of online channels, including news sites, blogs, and social media.

  3. Industry-Specific Services: Services that specialize in distributing press releases to targeted industry-specific publications and websites.

  4. Free Distribution Services: Platforms that offer basic press release distribution for free, with limited reach and features.

  5. Paid Distribution Services: Services that provide more extensive distribution options, targeting specific regions or media outlets, in exchange for a fee.

It’s important to choose a press release distribution service that aligns with your specific goals, target audience, and budget.

What are the Best Press Release Distribution Services?

Determining the best press release distribution services depends on your specific needs, budget, and target audience. However, here are a few reputable platforms that are often regarded as some of the best:

  1. PR Newswire: PR Newswire is a widely recognized newswire service that offers extensive distribution to journalists, media outlets, and online platforms. They provide robust targeting options and analytics to track the reach and impact of your press releases.

  2. Business Wire: Business Wire is another prominent newswire service that offers global distribution and multimedia capabilities. They have a vast network of media outlets and provide comprehensive reporting and measurement tools.

  3. PRWeb: PRWeb is an online distribution network that allows businesses to reach journalists, bloggers, and consumers. They offer affordable options, various distribution packages, and detailed analytics.

  4. GlobeNewswire: GlobeNewswire specializes in financial news distribution. They provide targeted distribution to financial media outlets, investors, and industry professionals, helping businesses in the financial sector gain visibility.

  5. eReleases: eReleases is known for its cost-effective press release distribution services. They offer national distribution, industry-specific targeting, and personalized support.

Below List Of Press Release/Paid Guest Post Websites



Starting with the best, ranks as the No. 1 press release distribution service on our list for its guaranteed pickups, distribution reach, affordability, and transparency. If you visit their service page, you will notice that they have mentioned the pricing along with the individual features and guaranteed distribution. What we liked about is that they delivered exactly what they promised, and they surpassed others in terms of media pickups. They delivered a maximum number of pickups for our release. The best part is that most of the crucial features are free, such as adding images and links to your press release, there’s no limit to the length of your press release, and no annual or monthly membership fee. When you hire other newswires, you will have to pay an additional fee for these very same features. 

2. Globe Newswire

Globe Newswire’s focus point is on compliance and regulatory awareness, ensuring that every press release is carefully fact-checked and scrutinized before it is published. The company has an impressive reach of over 90 countries and can publish in 35 languages, ensuring that your press release can reach a wide audience. Globe Newswire also allows you to add images to press releases, giving them added visual appeal.

This focus on accuracy and imagery works especially well, as the myriad of controls and information means that attention to detail is especially important, as is pitching effectively to an increasingly saturated market.

3. Cision

Cision bills itself as a one-stop shop for press release distribution. It offers a wide variety of distribution mediums, from print to social media, meaning that whatever your press release is focused on, Cision can ensure it reaches the right audience. In addition to this, its ‘Connect’ feature aims to bring together influencers with PR and marketing professionals. There is also a whole host of comprehensive analytical tools to help you measure the effectiveness of your press release.

Cision has acquired or is affiliated with several other press release distribution websites such as HARO, PR Newswire, and PR Web.

4. PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a multi-national press release distribution service, offering access to over 300,000 media outlets and close to two million journalists across 170 countries, meaning that if you need your press release to gain an international or particularly broad reach, this is the service for you.

PR Newswire might also appeal to marketers through interactive landing pages and the ability to display and publish multimedia content such as videos and other dynamic features. This feature, ‘Multimedia News Releases’ gives added depth to press release distribution and is backed up by cutting-edge reporting functionality. Pricing is available on quotation.

5. Bizztrue

One of the longest-established press release distribution services out there, Bizztrue has a history going back sixty years and is now part of the famous Berkshire Hathaway group. Business Wire offers a mixture of distribution methods, ranging from traditional press to modern mediums such as social media. 

Bizztrue is adept at distributing local, national, or international press releases, thanks to a strong network of 90,000 media outlets in 160 different countries. Businesses will value the flexibility and diversity this portfolio affords, allowing them to release news updates in their unique way. There is also a suite of extra customization tools and reporting functionalities. 


eReleases has teamed up with PR Newswire to send out press releases on both platforms, creating close to 100 different media syndications. eReleases also boasts a robust database of journalists and influencers; over 1000,000 at last count. Various add-ons allow marketing professionals to create bespoke services that work for their business-related press releases, such as broader media exposure or increased word count. The flexibility offered by eReleases, as well as its partnership with PR Newswire, makes this an attractive option for companies. 

7. PR Web

PRWeb offers straightforward options for press release distribution, which might suit smaller companies or those on a tighter budget. PR Web makes the writing and publishing of press releases exceptionally easy, with a decent reach that includes major search engines such as Bing and Google. PR Web also offers plenty of reporting and analysis tools that ensure that you can track the effectiveness of your press releases in a very easy-to-digest way. 

8. Presswire

Presswire offers a detailed and bespoke option for press release distribution. Offering international coverage across North America, Asia, and Europe, Presswire engages more than 850,000 media contacts and creates highly customized press releases with targeted distribution, depending on what you might need. Such a tailored offering allows for many different pricing options and will suitmarketers, because rarely do any two companies in this sector have the same needs.

Presswire’s support services are extensive; allowing users to track press releases, monitor their reach, offer translation services, and give access to journalist databases, enabling the tracking of journalists who spend longer reading your emails. 


Help a Reporter Out, or HARO for short, is a little different from other press release distribution services. HARO cultivates and sustains a very wide and diverse mix of reporters and journalists, who reach out to companies and bid directly to them to distribute your press releases. HARO’s reporters are on the lookout for stories that are in line with their reporting angle, as well as ‘what’s hot’ and trending. Startups and businesses can gain a decent amount of exposure if their news is good enough, and can get at the forefront of trends and news.

Businesses and marketers looking to use HARO must ensure their press releases are attractive and likely to be picked up and read; it’s about marketing your latest business news to journalists. HARO’s services can be used for no cost at all, but there are also paid plans.

10. Prowly

Prowly offers a huge amount of customization, offering contact builders (including a tool that recommends media contacts to the user), a comprehensive ‘drag and drop’ editor, and a host of reporting tools. This intelligent and modern approach to creating and distributing press releases will be appealing to marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Prowly also offers a database of over one million media contacts, allowing marketing and PR teams to reach out and contact the very best people to receive their press releases. 

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